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this is just a quick reminder that draft magazine is still continually written on both FACEBOOK (draft on facebook) and X/TWITTER (draft on x/twitter).

while the facebook stream for the past couple of years consists of ‘weekend funnies’ – memes i come across each week that allow me to edit into visual narratives with a humorous undercurrent – the stream on twitter for many months now are nearly daily commentary on whatever crosses my path that i feel fits into the arc i’m creating.

so you have both a primarily visual stream (facebook) and a primarily literary stream (x/twitter) which do rapidly progress over time but can also be read backwards in order to reveal deeper content and context about the trajectory that our ‘reality’ is unfolding.

may well be that this is the PSEUDO REALITY issue in total – written into cyberspace by walking on those two social media legs until the world has changed beyond recognition.


summer 2024
under the celestial dome