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it was perhaps charles bukowski whose letters recently revealed to me his heart for the ‘common cause’ and all its sweet little mags. or maybe it was the heart-warming atmosphere of cafe 1001, the place i chose to exclusively ‘distribute’ the first 100 numbered and signed copies of this little mag. ‘i’ – thenceforth referred to as ‘we’ – finally decided to give the project draft magazine that we’ve been preparing for the past couple of years the get-go.

the editorial tone-of-voice is more or less light and humorous. the subject matter is as serious as it can get, though, involving cultivation issues, ‘reality’ and our human predicament in all its manifold forms. submissions from here on out are very welcome.

we’ve told the guys from blake friedmann agency in our introduction letter a while ago (like most institutions within the systemic charade they can’t even act their part anymore to go so far as to actually issue formal rejections in our case) that there must be lots and lots of underground talent in these days of blatant denigration and deception agendas who’re only just waiting to finally come out of their hiding places, the ‘fringes of the trenches’. so if you feel that the time has thus arrived to let loose your heartfelt, rational ponderings and conclusions, perhaps the format to do this is what you’re presently holding in hands.

‘unspeakable’ refers to all those things that cannot possibly be spoken of for a variety of reasons. there exist quite a few of those, we think, although only ‘grave diggers’ and the labeled ‘insane’ usually know. some of them might be brought out into the open within the following pages for your education and delectation …

forthcoming: ‘MADE KNOWN’

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London, Summer 2012

2 thoughts on “ISSUE_000_UNSPEAKABLE

  1. hi I’m a girl from Lithuania and I found this mag at cafe 1001. it was free so I took it: D the Letters page is bloody funny- I laughed my ass off when I read it. the rest of the content is also lovely, though I didn’t underustand all of it because of the fancy words n grammar. overall u guys are doing a great job, London is so packed with commercials and buy this, buy that; that it deffinetly needs something honest and sincere, unconventional. the mag made me feel quite more cultural and I thank you for that. ačiū

    1. hello rasa, thanks so much for your sweet comment. many people are scared to take a stance because they know that there are enormous powers deceiving them but they don’t realise how serious life and reality is, really, and they have no clue whatsoever what lies behind all of this. so it’s very good to hear that it made you laugh a little, at least.

      perhaps some of the things that weren’t that clear will become more clear with re-reading? we writers have quite at thing going about the entire concept of re-reading or ‘deep-reading’ :)

      much love,


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