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having given you the first three bricks of our continuously expanding monument, we felt it was time to insert a more explicit number to make sure you’re clear on what this is all about and to cut losses during the process that is refered to as fa-rectification of the cosmos – the true purpose for the creation of the three realms.

we’ve opened up the entire spectrum of content to the widest possible extent here, from chilly and wet black lands to warm, fluffy white ones. from philosophy to psychology to cultivation to art, with topics ranging from adam and eden to drug taking and the esoteric, to rare and explosive ‘professional’ psychology, to fairly naked modes of visual expression. they’re all, in their totality, meant to help you getting straight quickly, no matter from which angle or level you’d ultimately come from or look at things. while their overall arch should once again allow ever more insights into the nature and structure of the deception that we’ve repeatedly been talking about.

undoubtedly at the top of the list of things that need to be adressed through sober ‘maintaining’ is the persecution of the great law. while it shouldn’t have happened, it did happen. and yet, behind the scenes, higher levels are merely using all those levels below them that they want forever destroyed. persecution of the law can also occur ‘unwillingly’, from trying to merely justify oneself by forcefully ignoring it, to the more actively opposing or sabotaging its smooth, further dissemination.

another cause for repair work is the widespread subscription to a kingdom of heaven on earth that even high levels have been fooled to believe in. there’s simply no such a thing. what is utopia? the party sure as hell can’t save you. earth, as magnificent or horrible as it may be, offers the perfect framework for cultivation. who could venture to say how things will be like after fa-rectification has finished? maintenance attempts to fix all those dangerous misconceptions …

forthcoming: ‘SURVIVAL’

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London, Winter 2013

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